Good corporate governance , compliance and support of RSA Government’s Black Economic Empowerment and Industrialisation imperatives underpins our business strategy and value-proposition to our partners and customers.

We take particular care in our projects and other endeavours to protect and conserve the physical environment and apply current Occupational Health and Safety practices to preserve human life.

ASCENG is active in effecting a just and orderly energy transition from Greenhouse Gas intensive carriers to cleaner and renewable energy. We embrace the principle of inclusive economic growth and invest in community skilling programme, and community resilience programs e.g. providing extra classrooms to projects in local schools and the empowerment of women within our own organisation and partner companies.

ASCENG recognizes that technology and innovation broadly are effective catalysts for socio-economic transformation and there- fore we continue to offer graduate engineers access to leading technology projects and initiatives to enhance their acumen in solving societal needs and challenges through technology.